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Figuring Out Post-Secondary Educational Expenses

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2018 | Family Law

If you are divorced with a young child, it may seem that their future college or vocational school are a world away. However, proactive planning for the day when your child graduates from high school cannot happen too soon. This is especially true in the case of Indiana law regarding post-secondary educational expenses.

Indiana’s Unique Circumstance

Regular child support ends when a child named in a support agreement turns 19 years old.  Indiana is one of the few states that have regulations regarding the payment of educational expenses after high school. In this state, it is still a possibility that a child who is too old for child support will get at least some parental coverage of post-secondary educational expenses.

Legal Requirements

This type of support for educational expenses is not automatic, even if you already have a support agreement through your divorce. The law requires that one of the parents or the child must petition the court for educational fee assistance before the child reaches 19 years of age. If the petition’ filing is not before the deadline, there is no recourse later. The child will miss out on additional educational support.

Plan Ahead

Because of the petitioning deadline for post-secondary educational support, it is vital to engage with a legal professional well ahead of time to learn what is involved in the process. Then you can initiate an equitable modification of arrangements for the best educational interests of your child.