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Achieving Child Custody

The fear of losing a strong relationship with your children can make a divorce and the resulting child custody deliberations very stressful. Laura Longstreet, attorney at Longstreet Law LLC in South Bend, knows that the prospect of custody deliberations can be the most fearful and emotional aspect of divorce for both parents and children. At stake is both legal and physical custody, so having a strong legal ally is a must. She takes a child-centered, best-interest approach to family law issues, including custody.

Individualized Service

That is why Longstreet Law LLC takes the time to find out about your situation and your parenting goals. We then customize our services to meet your needs. Depending on the aspects of your individual case, we can either mediate a custody agreement or, if needed, we can go to court to pursue custody of your child.

There are options for child custody in Indiana that include:

  • Full custody
  • Shared custody
  • Visitation arrangements through a parenting plan

Creating Possibilities

Laura Longstreet is a lawyer with genuine concern for her community. Dedicated to serving the greater St. Joseph County area, she provides legal advice to both mothers and fathers desiring custody of their children. Her firm is experienced in helping families develop parenting plans that promote the child’s relationship with both parents. If there is a disagreement between parents about parenting time, our firm will fight hard to defend your right to custody of your children.

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