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Effective Mediation Solutions

Mediation has become a popular way to resolve many types of disputes. Many parents utilize mediation for family law matters when they wish to cooperate for the sake of the children. Longstreet Law LLC offers mediation services for the South Bend area that resolve:

  • Divorce agreements
  • Custody and parenting plans
  • Child and spousal support

Some family law courts in Indiana, including those in South Bend, are beginning to mandate the use of mediation before filing a contested divorce case. Here is a look at the mediation process and why it could be to your advantage to use it to resolve a dispute.

A More Effective Way

Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process led by a neutral third party called a mediator. It involves discussion, guided by the mediator, to make key decisions concerning the dissolution of the marriage, division of assets, and care and support of any children in the family.


Unlike a court hearing that is open to the public, mediation is a private matter. Other advantages of mediation include:

  • Less time spent to negotiate an agreement
  • Less expensive than litigation
  • Decisions are in control of the negotiators, not a judge

Committed To You And Your Family

Attorney Laura Longstreet is committed to mutually beneficial compromise where possible in her practice of family law. In mediation, she works with the divorcing couple to identify and clarify dispute areas that need resolution, brings up possible alternatives and points of compromise, and generally facilitates mutually acceptable agreements between the two parties.

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