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Expungements For A Better Future

It seems that the implications of things that we have done in the past have a way of impacting the future. What can be more upsetting is when a past action, such as a criminal conviction, affects current family law issues or future job prospects and housing options. At Longstreet Law LLC in South Bend, we work for resolutions to your legal challenges through criminal expungements and similar solutions.

Prospects For Improvement

Several years after sentencing, you may be eligible to have the record of your arrest erased or have access to some criminal convictions drastically limited. This can significantly improve your prospects for employment and housing and give you an opportunity to rebuild your reputation. The following options entail filing with the court that sentenced you.

Legal Solutions

Everyone makes mistakes. Expungements exist so that you can move on with your life. The state of Indiana has expungement provisions whether you were charged with a crime as a juvenile or as an adult. The expungement process can eliminate the record of certain arrests and juvenile court proceedings. However, expungement in the Hoosier state will not erase conviction records.

A Second Chance

While officially not an expungement, Indiana’s Second Chance Law offers the chance to have records of convictions sealed. Even though convictions are still on file, only law enforcement can access them. This law applies to misdemeanors as well as Level 6 felonies.

Your Legal Ally

Attorney Laura Longstreet can listen to your situation and explain your options for expungement or a second chance. She is knowledgeable about all the steps needed and can help you navigate the legal system to pursue your goals.

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