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Providing Guardian Ad Litem Services To Protect Children’s Interests

Children can often be thrown in the middle of legal disputes. While their parents or family members argue, it can be easy to forget that the legal process significantly impacts the child. Whether in a custody dispute, child abuse and neglect or abandonment, every child needs a strong advocate to protect their rights. I am attorney Laura Longstreet, and at Longstreet Law LLC, I can provide valuable guardian ad litem services to families in the South Bend area.

Throughout my legal career, I have offered my services as a guardian ad litem to ensure the protection of children in family law disputes. With over a decade of experience, you can trust me to put your child’s best interests first in every case.

Putting The Best Interests Of The Child First In Every Case

In Indiana, courts and individuals can appoint a guardian ad litem to represent a child’s interests and protect their rights in court proceedings. Especially in cases involving abuse, neglect or contested custody disputes, the court or the parents can request a guardian ad litem.

A guardian ad litem can help in cases involving:

  • Child custody and support
  • Parental rights
  • Guardianships
  • Grandparents’ rights

Part of the duties of a guardian ad litem is to provide recommendations to the court to assist in crucial decisions that impact the child’s life. At Longstreet Law LLC, I have over a decade of experience dedicating my career to family law concerns. I will take the time to thoroughly examine your case and circumstances before delivering detailed and thoughtful recommendations to the court.

Learn More About The Process Today

When you need to protect your child in a legal proceeding, you can trust me to advocate for their best interests. I will always take the time to get to know you and your child and listen to your concerns. To learn more about appointing a guardian ad litem in your case, contact me online or call me at 574-208-5982 to schedule a free initial consultation.